What is Profusion Cares?

We’ve created our philanthropic foundation Profusion Cares to use data for good. It channels the skills and spirit of our talented people into making social impact. And it finds ways to share our products and facilities with communities that can benefit from our support.

It’s not just about us. We want to collaborate with our clients, our suppliers, local businesses and fellow socially conscious organisations because together we can make a greater difference.

A social

We’ll use data to make change in homelessness & food poverty. That’s our area of focus for 2019, chosen by our people.

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Impact Network

Bringing together like-minded businesses in London’s Silicon Roundabout zone, to share skills with local schools and charities.

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by example

As an organisation, we wish to
live and breathe purposeful, compassionate capitalism in all
that we do.

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Spreading the word

It’s not all about robots taking over the world. Let’s show and celebrate how data and human imagination intersect to drive societal change.

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Why partner with us?

Partner with Profusion Cares and you’ll be putting your genuine philanthropic intention into action to change the lives of vulnerable people. If, like us, you believe we have a duty to give back, that is enough reason alone. But it’s also good for business.

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Charities and partners

We want to collaborate with as many charities and businesses as possible:
to maximise impact within the communities in which we live and work.

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